The Forbidden Series

The Forbidden Series is a set of books set within the land of Kaedara.

The Forbidden is the magic of the gods. An evil overlord is destroying The Forbidden.

The land’s last hope lies with two distant cousins.

 Key of Wendom

Zuron’s Call


The Order of The Nine Worlds

Lenore’s Dungeon


The Kristoff Journals


Short Works

Outlaw on Call

Whispering Dragons

Dancing Wind

Life Goes Up In Steam

Knightens Heir

Neiralyn’s Riders

Elven King

Forsaken Promise


The Forbidden

Key of Wendom by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Key of Wendom

The Knightens disappear, along with the heir from prophecy. Dithron the powerful magician escapes his prison in the Void after 200 years.

Now Dithron is using the Forbidden magic of the gods. Already damaged, the world’s magic cannot survive this abuse, and neither can the gods.

Taun is a slave in the Soborn Mines who doesn’t remember her past. Dagan is an orphan living with the Sol Nomen who doesn’t know the truth of who he is.

Apart they must learn their true identities. Together they must bring back the Knightens.

Kaedara’s future, and the survival of the gods themselves, depend on them.

Druid Mage Tree

Zuron’s Call

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The Order of the Nine Worlds

Druid Mage Tree

Lenore’s Dungeon

Lenore returns to Dunbrook from studying abroad to take over Uncle Jacob’s book shop after his death. With sadness, she opens the shop door to do her duty.

But soon after she steps inside, she realizes she didn’t know her uncle as well as she thought. 

Suddenly she’s the new owner of a castle with a mystery in the dungeon. Now she has a decision to make that will change everything.

This book is the background story for The Order of the Nine Worlds series.

The Kristoff Journals temporary

Kristoff Journals

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