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Anthologies by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Dancing Wind by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Dancing Wind

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Cover by The Woodsy Fawn

Whispering Dragons by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Whispering Dragons

Work in Progress

Cover by MMP Cover Artist Ron Leming

Life Goes Up In Steam by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Life Goes Up in Steam

Work in Progress

Cover by MMP Cover Artist Ron Leming

Lenore's Dungeon

Steampunk Romantic Fiction

Lenore's Dungeon by Diana Cacy Hawkins A romantic steampunk adventure with books, automatons, and a secret machine in a castle dungeon that sets Lenore on an unexpected adventure.

If you read the chapters I previously posted, they're part of what's become the backstory for the first full story of this book adventure. Lenore's Dungeon will be still presented in some fashion. More coming soon on what to expect from Lenore and the rest of the organization.

Lenore's Dungeon copyright 2013 Diana Cacy Hawkins
Smashwords ISBN: 9781940510125
Print ISBN: 9781940510132
Marion Margaret Press
Releases start in 2016

Lenore's Dungeon cover is done by Ravven

The Forbidden Series

The Knightens Quest by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Original The Knightens Quest


Knightens Quest by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Knightens Quest

Release 2016

Zuron's Call by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Zuron's Call

Release 2016

The Forbidden features a world filled with Druids, Mages, Dwarves, Elves and other races, such as the Sol Nomen, the Myads, and the Knightens.

Within The Forbidden Series the reader will meet characters like:
Taun…a young girl who must prevail through life's trials to become a Druid Mage,
Dagan…a young half elf who must learn how to be a king,
Ragor…a short Sol Nomen elder who loves his pastries in the morning,
Naram…a quiet giant-sized man with a gentle heart,
Buroldt…a first Druid Mage whose spirit inhabits a stone,
Filaggran…an elf who loves telling the tale of a cross legged, doped up horse,
and Whitewind…an Elven horse who doesn't think the tale is all that funny.

Along with many more characters, the reader will find friends and foes through the pages.

There will be some retitling of covers above as I'm going to have not only the full novels, but a companion guide, and companion story books for the series. Lots more coming on this. Be sure to check back.

The Forbidden Series was set to come out in 2016, but dates are unsure. Some books may be moved to back of list, due to staff illness concerns.

So far we have chosen titles of KNIGHTENS HEIR, NEIRALYN'S RIDERS, ELVEN KING, FORSAKEN PROMISE, KEY OF WENDOM and ZURON'S CALL, as well as a companion guide to Kaedara and another unnamed book that begins after THE FORBIDDEN SERIES.


Tie-Ins to the world of Kaedara from THE FORBIDDEN SERIES coming soon in the form of a 3D virtual world story adventure in game at Inworldz.com, as well as full social sites as part of the Take Me to Kaedara promotional campaign.


A Friends of the Fissure Age Exploration

M'nine by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Dedicated to my good friend, Gandhar, who was lost in exploration.

Age Discovery novel fan fiction inspired by Myst. More original story tie-in novels coming soon featuring Elpis and Thorne's exploration team in newly created worlds.
Play Mystonline for free at www.mystonline.com

Kindle Ebook available now for 99 cents or print book for $6.50 if you prefer!

Click here for a note about the book cover design.

Murial's Story

Murial's Story is a book I worked on about five years ago.

Murial is a handicapped person confined to a wheelchair and confined to her room by her inability to deal with the accident that landed her in the wheelchair.

Her connections to the outside world is through online message boards and degrees/courses she can get via the internet.

She finds this new game, a virtual world that you create an avatar and live life through that avatar. She also makes a new friend there.

Before when she made friends or got too close, she suddenly deleted her online presence and became someone else. This time, though, it's not as easy.

This isn't just any virtual game. This is a magical game where she finds her virtual life is real.

Through the game, she learns to live again. She learns to believe in herself. She learns to love again.

This is Murial's Story, inspired by the numerous true accounts of players within virtual games.

Real people who have found the confidence and strength they needed to deal with real life through the gaming community. People with homebound phobias gained confidence to step outside again. People who gave up on life found new reasons to step out and try something new, work a little harder and gain some independence.

Real people with terrible afflictions who saw a way of living their last days with a measure of happiness. Maybe they couldn't escape death, but they didn't have to sit around in misery waiting for it to come thanks to the community and worlds they found within the virtual worlds.

Murial's Story will come out in the next few years, thanks to the inspiring stories of people I've met over the years. Many of these came from playing Myst in its online forms. To see a sampling of the real stories go to Thank You Cyan

While I'm all for making sure the ebooks are proper, this does concern me. We publish fiction. Some words are fantasy...

Posted by Marion Margaret Press on Thursday, January 21, 2016