It Began When I was Ten Years Old…

From the day I wrote and illustrated my first book as a 10 year old, I’ve known I’d grow up to be a writer. My journals through the years always had the words, “I’m going to be a writer” written every few pages.

Throughout the years, I kept writing for myself in my journals until high school. There, I started writing for school publications and met others like me.

Through high school, I collaborated with a friend on my first full sized book. Of course, during this time of hormone development it was on romance. And horses.

My love for writing carried over into business writing and through my adult years, I used my words for the family business and the businesses I ran. Including my art work newsletter when a friend and I teamed up selling our horse art.

College did not have enough writing and English classes for me, so my education continued when I discovered professional at home studies. I discovered then that the business writing I’d been creating for years was known as copywriting.

And then I discovered the world of publishing and became a marketing manager for small publishing presses. Eventually I took over one when the owner had to let it go for personal reasons.

I’m a writer who never stops growing and learning. I read and study constantly.

At first, my idea of publishing a book was very old school. An author must write a book, create a package, and entice an agent to represent them.

I was taught that this was the right way, the only right way, for an author to get published back in the day when Del Rey ran a writing workshop I belonged to. And during those days it was true.

Publishing a book on your own meant cheesy looking covers and poorly edited text. Self-publishing was not held accountable and self-publishers were very crappy at it.

Then the world opened up for self-publishing and people rushed to get their books published. It wasn’t long before readers response turned lazy self-publishing into quality self-publishing.

After working with authors and for authors for so many years, my time has come. Nearly 50 stories and over 100 characters are begging to be let out into the world.

I can deny them no longer. This is where their journey begins.

The genres may vary, but one theme stands out. Women are not helpless clueless bimbos, but they are strong women who know how to handle themselves and the circumstances around them.

Complex characters who are very capable of handling the life in front of them, yet often dealing with uncertainty and demons of their own. They don’t cringe and hide from the insecurities and challenges that face them. They meet them head on.

The men around them learn to trust and respect the women. They don’t feel as lesser beings next to strong women, but gain self-confidence and become braver because of their relationships with the women.

I can only hope I continue to grow in my own life to be as strong and as inspirational as the characters I write about. I hope my writing inspires others to become better versions of themselves.

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