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Updates from Diana Cacy Hawkins

April 24, 2017

A lot has happened since my last update here.

Shortly after last update, my cousin died. He was fighting cancer and was expected to make it to the summer. Sadly, two weeks before my sister and I were scheduled to fly out to see him, he quickly got worse and died.

Then, shortly after that, my aunt (his mother) died.

In the first three months of 2017, we lost both my father-in-law and my father. Needless to say, we've been very busy with family over the last year.

Through all of this, I continued to develop out my new business path and it's done well. It's really expanding my non-fiction writing. A little more fiction writing is added to my already large fiction list.

My cover artist and good friend, Ron, is recently back to work after dealing with a difficult 18 month journey plus with surgeries. Not sure how his schedule will work with being able to time releases yet, but at least I know he can do them and I don't have to give my books to another artist. Not to mention I'm completely overjoyed at not losing a good friend in the midst of family loss.

Over the past few months, I've been fleshing out materials for fall that will be available through my Coffee & Biscotti website. After discussing the industry routinely with coffee shop managers and roasters, I've finally found the right path for this adventure.

I have not resurrected the Take Me To Kaedara website for The Forbidden series yet. I do still have the sims in Inworldz, but no longer have the book journey through them. Rather, it's a complete gift to visitors at the teleport landing for the Elvenglades sim.

I'll soon be bringing the website back, just need to decide on the design and gameplan for it. And I'll have to delete the facebook page I have for the Inworldz sims. It's getting way too many questionable profiles liking it that I am sure have no interest in what I'm really doing. Little worried these are folks up to no good behind those profiles.

I think I'll do something for the book series, but shall have to think decisively about what I want to do.

September 13, 2016

While many things are still on hold for the fiction side of my life, it seems things are progressing well. I should be able to get the anthology, Whispering Dragons, out this year before Christmas. This anthology will feature some of my stories, including the cover story that's currently being written about a dragon named Eugene. Plus, it should have two guest stories from two other authors.

A big part of the hold up for The Forbidden Series is a serious health situation with the cover artist for those books. At this point, I'm hopeful though we'll be back on track with working together in a few months and I can look forward to Spring releases for that series. This may mean rapid releases, which would be good for new readers. As soon as they finish one book the next would surely be close on its heels.

I have been having issues with where I wanted the site for Take Me To Kaedara set up. I'm not getting the freedom I anticipated with working with it, so I have it down now and will make a more "old-fashioned" style of website for it until I figure out what I wish to do with it. I hope to have it up and running in a month again, and start providing some sneak peeks into The Forbidden Series.

The story journey is still available in Kaedara Region in Inworldz, starting on the Elvenglades sim. It will remain there, but may turn into a free bookcase with the books inside it for people to grab versus a journey across the four sims. People don't seem so enthused about that.

At Marion Margaret Press, we're celebrating the third release of The Still Life of Hannah Morgan this fall/winter. Right now, this version is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other stores in print, but only at Amazon for ebook. I hope to make it available through more ebook channels at the end of the year. This is an experiment for me...to see if the kindle unlimited feature is really worth it or not. Too early in the reporting to tell, or I just am not understanding the reporting. Whichever it is, I can't give a report on it yet.

Furthermore, for Marion Margaret Press, I hope to start preparing files next month or so for republishing Sandie Bergen's books with new back pages. We've discussed redoing a few of the older covers also.

Hopefully, after a few obligations for the next few weeks, I can update more often here. In the meantime I'm re-awakening one of my blogs for new personal blogging about writing, publishing, life, and book reviewing at Good Books By Lamplight. Plus, I'm working on the coffee series for Coffee and Biscotti.

There's another information blogging site I want to start up...may not have time in between client work, domestic obligations, and this other writing. May be a project for next year.

July 1, 2016

Things are still progressing well. Little by little, I'll start working on things again at the end of this month.

In the meantime, check our books through our Smashwords Page for sales during the #SummerWintersale2016 event that runs from July 1 through July 31st.

Also be sure to check out the other books featured in this Summer Winter Smashwords Sale by other authors.

May 13, 2016

Due to some new developments in my life, some of my fiction work is moved to the later end of 2016.

It seems that life likes to throw us surprises often, and this particular surprise comes with a warning of financial hardship. Could be tomorrow, could be months from now, but I don't know when it will happen.

Nothing "terrible" and something that should have happened a long time ago for the good of all involved. Something I had everything planned out to make allowances for at the end of 2016.

Obviously, I don't have that long. Or likely, I won't.

For this reason, I have to put more of my fiction development, and further publications for Marion Margaret Press on standby while I make life adjustments for this. It's not a terrible burden, considering the artist for my current series is undergoing surgeries and treatment related to infections and cancer right now. He will surely need a break for a few months at least.

I have a lot to work with during the spare time I do get, so never fear. There will be something on my various sites every so often.

In Inworldz the story book journey is finished and should be live this weekend.

This is another way of connecting people to my The Forbidden series. Take Me To Kaedara website will show updates as they can happen.

Eventually there will be a newsletter for people to sign up for there, free stories, sneak peeks, notices, recommendations, etc. After I get settled in, I'll set that up.

Likewise, this means Marion Margaret Press will also be on standby. It already is while I get through the business set up, and I did post about it on the about page there.

Business-wise, things will continue as planned. I've had one lawyer meeting for the set up and will have two more this summer to get everything finalized.

Additionally, MMP also will get its own newsletter for people to sign up for. We have a lot planned on my end and for more books from Sandie Bergen.

I will continue to work with head roaster Vince and a few Starbucks managers gathering information for the book series associated with Coffee and Biscotti, and another website that will go live this year. This and other non-fiction work will be with MMP's sister imprint Sidhe Press.

What I need to do right now is open my doors to double the amount of client work I'm doing for awhile until things get established. I've lined up some extensive work for awhile that will eat up all my time. Once I'm settled in, then I'll kick in more of the fiction work. It's important to me, and shall continue. No worries there. Just have to take care of home first for a few months.