This is the office that Gandhar attempted to start creating for me. I'm not sure which of the ones below he was shooting for. I thought the Age Healer one would be a cool office to see.

Upstairs were six offices. One had a desk full of papers written and signed by Jatanay. Another had a desk that obviously belonged to Hoitin. Another was Master Henrod's, with many items locked up. The other three were laboratory/office settings for three people that Elpis remembered reading about.

Koshrer was overseer of the fishing fleets. His office had working models of ship designs, many similar to those found in the cavern.

Tomalyn was in charge of records for the inhabitants. He also had a passion for mathematics. His office had many charts and various models for counting.

Moshnor was the Age Healer. His office was full of tables with various herbal components, charts and papers dealing with the study of herbal healing, and models of people.